Henning Grambow

Composer, Music Producer & Sound Artist


LAN – Trenchcoat – Single

1st single of the album “LAN – UROP” (Release: Fall 2014, SugarCandyMountain / Superstar Recordings)

Without Humphrey Bogart in his trenchcoat Casablanca wouldn’t have become the classic movie. Without their trenchcoats Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard would never have kissed in the pouring rain in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Without his rumpled trenchcoat Columbo would just have been remembered for his wrinkled face. In his trenchcoat pocket Columbo used to carry an egg. Berlin Band LAN has up the sleeve: A love song dedicated to the most important garment in the world.

Video produced by SugarCandyMountain + LAN
Starring: LAN + Janna Witte
Camera: Christoph Palissa
Makeup and Hair: C.I.S.E.L
Cut & Color Grading: Colya Zucker
Thanx to BTK-FH, Lauritz Lipp, Eric Berg, Svenson Linnert

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