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Composer, Music Producer & Sound Artist

Trailer – The LUCKY ONES LOST 不幸中之福

Two stories – Two cities – Four strangers – and cancelled flights. – Coming soon…

The LUCKY ONES LOST follows the temporary bond between four strangers over the course of cancelled flights and being forced to stay overnight in Shanghai and Amsterdam.

Stuck in Amsterdam – Wei Wei (Daisy van Belzen) an indonesian teenage slacker girl and Katherina (Manouk van der Meulen) an elegant woman from Sweden forming an odd couple to discover that they might have found the mother and daughter they always missed.

Stranded in Shanghai – TT (Kutlwano Makgalemele) a student girl from Soweto South Africa and Ray (Paul Hwang) a Los Angeles gamer meet in the hotel shuttle bus to realize that being alone and independent isn’t all there is. An uncommon brother and sister story unfolds. Come morning, they are strangers no more.
The LUCKY ONES LOST 不幸中之福 is a 2013 drama film written and directed by KAI ZASTROW.

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